Working against a ticking clock, your team must find and solve clues, riddles, and puzzles to earn your freedom from this seemingly ordinary room. Using just your brainpower and objects in the room, you have one hour in which to make your escape.

Bring your friends, family, and coworkers for an hour of fun, excitement, creativity, and teamwork!

Now open on Wednesdays from 11:40am-10pm!



The room is filled with challenges for you to discover and work through in order to escape, but you'd better move quickly because time is ticking away!



Escaping the room requires intense cooperation, making it the perfect activity for offices wanting to build strong, productive teams.

FUN FOR everyone

No special skills or knowledge is required to escape from the room. Curiosity, creativity, quick thinking, and resourcefulness are enough to succeed at our game.



Don't see a time available that suits your group? Email us, or give us a call and we'll make ourselves available for your special event!

No group too small

Just a few of you want to try? Buy just the tickets you need and we'll team you with any others who buy tickets to that session. 


Gift Vouchers

Do you have friends or family that you'd like to lock in a room? Gift Vouchers now available!